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Palm Oil Free

Lightly scented with Cedar wood and lavender Essential Oils, Coloured with Australian clays. It will give your pet a beautiful soft and shiny coat.
Price: $5.00
Dragons Blood
Scented with Dragons Blood fragrant oil with australian black clay and Australian red clay
Price: $5.00
Scented with Drakkar *type* fragrant oil with Australian red clay
Price: $5.00
Lavender *OUT OF STOCK*
Scented with Lavender Essential Oil with Kaolin clay
Price: $5.00
Lemonmyrtle & Vanilla
Scented with Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil and Vanilla fragrant oil with yellow and Kaolin clay
Price: $5.00
Volcanic Ash with sandalwood
An exfoliating soap scented with sandalwood fragrant oil with Kaolin clay, Australian black clay and volcanic ash
Price: $5.00
Spiced Orange
Scented with Orange, Cedar wood and Cinnamon essential oils, and Apricot fragrant oil, coloured with a variety of Australian clays.
Price: $5.00
Scented with Sandalwood Essential oil with a variety of clays
Price: $5.00
Apple with a hint of vanilla
Scented with apple & vanilla fragrant oils and with green and kaolin clay
Price: $5.00
Summer Sorbet *OUT OF STOCK*
A sweet scented fragrance with notes of pineapple and coconut using Australian red and kaolin clay
Price: $5.00
A strong sweet berry scented soap with swirls of Australian Black, Reef Red & Kaolin White Clays
Price: $5.00
Tea Tree & Peppermint
made with tea tree, lemon myrtle, spearmint & peppermint essential oils. Main scent of peppermint with hints of tea tree. Very refreshing fragrance, perfect for him as it is not a sweet or floraly scent.
Price: $5.00
Strawberry Kiwi & Poppy Seed
This soap has a summery fragrance, it has a fresh melon type scent.. not a strong strawberry scent, with green and pink clay and poppy seeds.
Price: $5.00
Cedarwood *OUT OF STOCK*
cedarwood essential oil and Australian clays. Has a light woody scent
Price: $5.00
Goats Milk - unscented
Made from fresh local goats milk ( not powdered goats milk ) with no fragrance added
Price: $5.00
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