Alex's Handcrafted Soaps - Palm Oil Free Soap and Shampoo
Palm Oil Free

Buying Palm Oil Free products helps save the endangered habitat of the Orangutan.

All my products are palm oil free.
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In my soaps I use a combination of Coconut, sunflower,
soy & caster oils Saponified with lye in filtered rainwater with essential or fragrant oils or a combination of both. I use the cold process in making my soaps to retain the naturally moisturizing Glycerine. The bars are stored on racks to air and complete the curing process for a minimum of 4 weeks. In the Goats Milk soap i use fresh goats milk (not goats milk powder). I use Caster Oil  which gives the soap & shampoo a good lathering effect.
My soaps aren't hard like commercially made soap, they are softer and more moisturizing.
To colour the soaps i use a variety of Natural clay's which are mostly Australian clay.
Each bar weighs a minimum of 100 grams and usually weighs between 110 - 120 grams.
All products are cruelty free

Handmade in Macclesfield in the Adelaide Hills South Australia.
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